AAO Service

"Providing all your meat inspection staffing solutions."

AAO Service

As an Independent Employer of AAOs, we can provide you with third party meat inspection services to comply fully with EU requirements and satisfy Australian industry expectations – working to ISO 17020 standards, as requested by DAWR.

• Our staff base is employed from a wide range of sectors and many have additional qualifications that will add value to their work and to the role of the AAO.

• Australian Government Authorised Officers (AAOs) can be recruited from your existing team, and deployed exclusively to the originating premises, with service continuing on a seamless basis.

• According to your preference/requirements, future additional AAOs can be recruited from within your existing workforce and trained on-site.

• Alternative recruitment strategies can be implemented if preferred.

• Eville & Jones (Australia) is an employer internationally renowned for treating staff well, and for our commitment to investment in training and staff development.

• We have extensive experience of managing, motivating and supporting the members of the Australian Meat industry.

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